Tuesday, 10 October 2017



I have got very few marks in my exams. I am afraid to face my parents. They will scold me. How can I show my face to them? I am depressed and feel like ending my life.


You have prepared well for your examinations. Your parents know very well that you are intelligent, sincere, honest. Even if you are not intelligent you have tried to the best of your ability. How can you think that they will scold you? There may be other reasons to get less marks. And even your parents scold you, what does it matter? It is their duty to give you good education so that they will be free from worry about your future. They want to see you well settled in life. They love you and therefore they have right to scold you. Don't be so sensitive. Bear it. Try to convince them that you have tried to the best of ability, and also assure them that next time you will try to do better. Do not be afraid; be bold to open out your mind to your parents. If you find it extremely difficult for you to cope up with subjects in school or college request them to allow you to go for a change. All cannot get first rank and achieve merit. Out of thousands there are few who are toppers. What about the remaining? Do you think that others are worthless and useless? Who knows they may shine in some field or other. Search your own talents. Find out your own interests and try to master them. You may not be good in studies but who knows you may become good artist, singer, poet, champion, cricketer, politician or a businessman. It is not necessary that all should become doctors, engineers, or software professionals. There are many options. Convince your parents about your goal in life. They will certainly listen to your request. If it is in their reach they will surely try to help you. Many great scientists and philosophers are dropouts from school; but they became great. Don't entertain negative thoughts. Never think of committing suicide even in your dreams. These exams are nothing. You will have to face many more exams in real life. If you are mentally weak, how will you face problems in your real life? Do your duty perfectly and be content with whatever you achieve. Next time take up a challenge to perform better, work a little harder, be confident and prove through your actions that you are no less than others. That is the way to come up in life, not by ending life. God has not given this life to waste it in that way.